Thursday, October 20, 2011

Volunteers Accomplish Key Records & Archives Tasks

We would like to recognize our volunteer Neil Phelps for his excellent work.  Neil has been a dedicated volunteer with the Records & Archives Department since October 2010.  Under the supervision of Records Clerk Bill Markley, Neil has recently helped in salvaging several boxes of records from the Historic Licking County Jail on 3rd Street in Newark.  During the past few decades, records of various county agencies were stored in that building.  Those records are now being inventoried, re-boxed and moved to the Records & Archives Department facility, which provides better conditions for storage and access.  In addition to this large project, Neil has also cleaned the pages of 19th and early-20th century Jail Registers, which are volumes that provide information about the inmates.  Cleaning old records such as these helps preserve them for future use.

Neil is also currently working on a history of the Historic Licking County Jail as a personal pursuit.  If you have any information about the old jail which you think might be of interest, please contact us at tel. 740-670-5121.

In addition to Neil Phelps, we have been blessed with other volunteers who have devoted their time and efforts on behalf of Records & Archives projects.  In 2010, Robert Sizelove created a very useful index of the burials at the Licking County Infirmary Cemetery.  Robert found much of this burial information by carefully searching the Infirmary Registers and other items which are part of the Records & Archives collections.  The cemetery is located near the intersection of State Route 37 and Union Station Road.  The burial index can be viewed at:

If you are interested in volunteering with us, we would be glad to talk with you.  Please contact Bill Markley at tel. 740-670-5121.