Friday, February 28, 2014

Name Index of Early Court Dockets

An index to persons' names in two early Licking County court dockets is now available.  This index lists all names from the Common Pleas Trial Docket of 1814-1823, and the Supreme Court (Ohio) Docket/Licking County of 1814-1825.  Most of the names found in the dockets are of persons who were plaintiffs or defendants in court cases during these periods.  Because records are relatively sparse from the first few decades of Licking County, this index might be very valuable for tracking down people who lived here during those years.

Much of the handwriting in these dockets is very hard to read, so the spelling of some of the names is based on guesswork, and sometimes verified by searches in the 1820 and 1830 census records.  The docket index lists the person's name, year when he was in court, page number on which the name appears, and notes by the indexer about possible variant spellings, deceased status, etc.  The dockets themselves are public records, and may be viewed upon request.

To view the docket index, go to

Bill Markley is also compiling name indexes of other early Licking County court dockets.  If you have any suggestions for indexing projects, or would like to help us as a volunteer, please contact us at