Wednesday, August 6, 2014

TB Sanitorium Photos

Exposure to sunlight was part of the treatment for TB. 
Here some patients at the Licking County TB Sanitorium
enjoy sunshine on the grounds of the institution in 1933.
An exciting addition to our collection is a set of photographs of the Licking County Tuberculosis Sanitorium.  Also known as the TB San, this institution operated from 1932-67.  At the time, many people who contracted tuberculosis were sent to a sanitorium (or sanitarium) so that they could receive special medical care and be isolated from the public.

The main building of the Licking County TB San was constructed from 1931-2.  It still stands between Price Road and Turner Road, and is now the headquarters of the Licking County Health and Building Code Departments.

Ruth Moran of Licking County kindly furnished us with copies of photographs which were collected by her aunt, Odessa Weaver.  Mrs. Weaver was a patient at the TB San during the 1930's.  She survived the disease and lived a long life, dying in 1991.  Most of the photos show patients, doctors and staff at the TB San from 1933 to 1935.  Two other pictures are scenes from the Ohio State Sanitorium at Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Staff of the Licking County TB Sanitorium in 1934
We would like to gather as much information as possible about the TB San in Licking County.  If you have pictures or any other information which you could share, please contact Bill Markley at tel. 740-670-5121.