Monday, April 6, 2015

Oral Histories of Former Elected Officials

To add to the historical record of Licking County, we are interviewing former county officials about their experiences in and out of office.  You can listen to recordings of these interviews via YouTube, at  Also available at this link are oral histories of people who lived or worked at the Licking County Children's Home, and persons who were associated with the former County Jail on South 3rd Street in Newark.

Former Sheriff Gerry Billy reminiscing
in the old Licking County Jail
The elected-official interviews which have been conducted so far contain many interesting reminiscences about government and life in general in the county.  The former officials who have already been interviewed are Judges Craig Baldwin, Greg Frost and Jon Spahr, Commissioners Don Hill and Marcia Phelps, Engineer Tim Lollo, and Sheriff Gerry Billy.  We are very grateful to all of them for the time they devoted to this project, and the valuable information which they shared.

If you or someone you know was a Licking County official and would like to be interviewed, please contact us at tel. 740-670-5121.  We also would still be happy to talk with persons who have knowledge of the Children's Home or other institutions such as the former County Jail, County Home and Tuberculosis Sanitorium.