Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Early Licking County Marriage Records

Recently some records from the Licking County Probate Court were transferred to our department.  These include some 19th-Century marriage records which will be of interest to genealogists.  They are among the small number of county government records which survived the 1875 courthouse fire, and so they can be especially valuable in tracking down ancestors who were in the county.
From a page in the Marriage Record, 1808-1828
The recently-transferred marriage records include:

Marriage Record, 1808-1828
Transcribed Marriage Record, 1808-1827
Transcribed Marriage Record, 1828-1879
General Index to Early Marriages, 1809-1888

The 1808-1828 volume is a recent-day compilation of pages from earlier sources, which were almost certainly the original, official records.  Because it is a compilation, it might not have a record of every marriage that was performed during that time in the county, but it does have information about thousands of marriages.

Most of the post-1875 marriage records are still at the Probate Court.  Staff of both Probate and the Records & Archives Department will be glad to help you with the older and newer records.